Like a mosaic formed by arranging small pieces of stone, tile or glass together, Hwa Chong’s College Open House was a coalescence of diverse students from a multitude of backgrounds, and a myriad of talents, to form the Hwa Chong family. Where everyone is important, and no one is left behind.

This year, our Open House seeks to showcase the myriad of opportunities and the vibrant school environment that Hwa Chong has to offer, by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with spectacular performances by the various CCA groups and breath-taking decorations put up by the Hwa Chong Students’ Council. Ultimately, we aim to display a strong school spirit and our unique school culture which we hope will touch the hearts of prospective students and encourage them to join the Hwa Chong family, where they will create lasting memories.

All we could recall were the days, weeks, and months of hard work that we put in preparation for Open House 2018, and before we knew it, the day arrived. Even before 12pm, students, parents, and alumni started to stream into the school, with the hopes of learning more about Hwa Chong or reunite with their juniors and beloved campus.

(Adorned with diamond frames with cellophane paper of different colours in the sky, the patterns in the sky coloured the Central Plaza with rich hues, forming a picturesque scene.)

The campus was filled with boisterous cheers as various CCA groups such as the Faculty Committees, the Music and Dance (MAD) Society, and the String Ensemble put up their invigorating sequence of performances, with the performers enthusiastically showcasing their talents.

Booths were arranged around the school including places such as the inner plaza, left and right wings, Indoor Sports Hall and College Hall with each CCA showcasing their achievements, hoping to entice prospective students. In addition, academic talks provided a platform for interested students to learn more about special programmes such as the Science and Math Talent Programme (SMTP) and the Gifted and Talented Programme (GATE).

The array of activities and performances undoubtedly left all who attended feeling perhaps a little breathless, but nevertheless contented and satisfied.

The end of the event was marked by wide beams as months of hard work finally paid off.


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