Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) marks a joyous reunion where generations upon generations of students and alumni return to the campus to celebrate Hwa Chong’s rich history and culture as one big family. As one of Hwa Chong’s largest annual event, it requires a concerted effort from staff to students to bring it into fruition.

The theme of this year’s MAF was “明月照皇城,挚友喜相聚”, translating to mean that good friends will meet up and celebrate as the full moon lights up Hwa Chong. This year’s MAF marked a few firsts, our first circular centrepiece as well as our first time using an automated lighting system to control the lights for our Grand Light Up (GLU) sequence.

Due to the rain, the concert, featuring incredible acts from performing arts CCAs and talented students, was held in the Auditorium. Alongside the concert in the Auditorium, there were many Street Market stalls set up by various groups of students out in the left and right wings of Central Plaza. The boisterous Street Market added to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of MAF while providing an opportunity for students to showcase their talents.

A large mural of a castle stood in front of the bridge, affectionately called the “City Gate”. This huge piece consists of 24 boards forming one huge piece to form the backdrop of the Central Plaza. In the darkness above are lanterns which cover the entire expanse of Central Plaza. They sway in the autumn breeze like tiny moons illuminating the night sky. Accompanying this sea of light, and dwarfing the numerous lanterns, is the Centerpiece, an enormous creation of wood and cloth lit up from within. The ambience from all these decorations creates a cozy and warm atmosphere befitting of the occasion.

In addition, MAF features water and fire in the form of the Fountain and Fireball at the opposite end of Central Plaza from the City Gate. The lights, fountain and fireball come together in the Grand Light Up (GLU), comprising of the dazzling array of lantern sequences programmed to switch on and off, jets of water from the fountain feature dancing about, and the burning of the year’s MAF emblem – all in coordination to music.

But what is a Hwa Chong event without SoDaChe? To cap off the night, the entire Hwa Chong family partook in SoDaChe, an experience enjoyed by every student during their time here. While singing, dancing and cheering in unison, the Hwa Chong spirit is truly brought to life and the night is brought to a closure.

Who knows? Maybe decades down the road you will be meeting your old friends back in Hwa Chong during MAF and reminiscing about the good old times?


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