The 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council elections was held from March to April, which saw many eager C1 students rise up to the challenge of campaigning for the 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council. The theme for this year was “Aspire”, which means to direct one’s ambitions towards a goal, representative of how a councillor should always strive for excellence, both for oneself and for the school. The 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council will be reminded that while one may have hopes and dreams, but only when one aspires towards it and puts in effort can one turn them into reality.

The banner for the 45th Students’ Council Elections, bearing the theme of the event.

The elections process began with the campaigning phase, whereby candidates worked tirelessly throughout the March holidays to prepare their campaigning materials. You might have noticed the colourful banners on display, captivating videos or various other displays around school – all a result of their efforts put into the campaigning period, which started on 23rd March (Friday) and ended on 2nd April (Monday).

Throughout this period, candidates showed the students a taste of their own unique ways of serving the student body, including occasional treats of hot chocolate in the morning, and sweets to last students through the day!

One of our publicity posts on the HCunite Instagram page, promoting the Introduction of Candidates session.

Towards the end of our term, as seniors weathered by the values and lessons learnt from our council journey, we seek to pass down these important values to our juniors, via the Elections process. It is ultimately for the benefit of future batches of the Hwa Chong Students’ Council, and to ensure that generations of councillors stay true to the set of values that has enabled every councillor to serve the school and the students.

The 44th Hwa Chong Students’ Council, after the conclusion of the 45th Student’s Council Elections.

As such, through the 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council elections, we sincerely hope that our juniors will be able to aspire, and to bring their hopes for the school and for the Council to fruition. At the same time, we wish for them to do as 44 previous batches of councillors have done – to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their ability, for the interest of the school and the welfare of the students.

The 44th Elections Committee wishes the 45th Hwa Chong Students’ Council all the best in their future endeavours!


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