This year, we celebrated the coming of a new year with our Hwa Chong family with the theme of 黄城迎春至,好事旺旺来. The theme plays a clever pun on the barking sound of a dog, “汪汪”, signifying the welcoming of happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

Here are some photographs to recap the highlights of CNY 2018!

The performance put up by PSG and the various CCAs were spectacular!

This year, the elderly from Tembusu Senior Activity Centre once again joined us to celebrate CNY! We are glad to be able to share the joy of CNY with them again!

The C2 classes also put in a lot of effort to put up a Street Market for their batchmates and juniors to enjoy the festivity of CNY!

Senior and Junior classes enjoyed Lohei together, allowing C1s to feel the warmth of the Hwa Chong family after meeting their senior classes for the first time.


Our Hwa Chong photo taken before Lohei 🙂 

Link to video:

To welcome the prosperity’s arrival, the centrepiece has amazing changed the orientation of the “”, so that it is really “福倒In literal sense, it means the prospoerity is upside down, which is a word pun on how it sounds like “福到” which means prosperity arrives.)

 The 44th Students’ Council would sincerely like to thank everyone who have played their part in making Chinese New Year Celebrations a success,  be it behind the scenes or having fun with the activities at the celebrations this year.

 Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead.

 Many thanks,

44th Students’ Council Chinese New Year Organising Committee 2018

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