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For its annual drama production, ELDDFS presents Last Seen, a double bill of two Singaporean plays; 404 Not Found and Less Than Three. A distinctive feature of the online chat-space, “Last Seen” aptly describes the bittersweet stages of most online relationships: log-ons, turn-offs, and whatever dialogues in between.


21st and 22nd July, from 7pm at LT3. Tickets are priced at $6; order them through your CT reps or their online order form at


In 404 Not Found, a group of online friends find themselves at a loss when a distressed member of the gang, Robin, mysteriously vanishes from cyberspace after posting an ominous tweet. Thing is, Ree’s stuck in some dinner with her uptight mother; Anna has to study for her biology exam; Li Ting’s has no idea where to start. When so much seems to be on the line, the gang can’t help but start doubting if they’ve just been strung along by “Robin” this entire time.


Less Than Three is perhaps more lighthearted – true to its title, the play follows Bryan in his quest to start anew onSecond World, an online multiplayer game, and win the affections of the enigmatic “Starlight45”. Can true love bloom in the thin air of cyberspace? Laughs and misplaced attempts abound in this very funny (and occasionally sad) romantic comedy…
So follow Bryan into a whole new world (wide web), and tag along as Robin leads the cast adrift; the window of opportunity is open for all.


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