Enchanté! Welcome to Hwa Chong!

The theme of Orientation 2018, Enchanté, is a French greeting that translates to, “Nice to meet you” or “How do you do?” With this in mind, Orientation signifies our welcoming of C1s into Hwa Chong, where we aspired to create the defining Hwa Chong experience for you, filled with warmth, fun and camaraderie.

It didn’t seem too long ago when Orientation had just begun. Day 1 of Orientation promised a fresh start to your journey in Hwa Chong, a new chapter waiting to unfold. While an air of awkwardness pervaded through the College Hall at the start, these fears were quickly dispelled with the beginning of OG Icebreakers, where tense smiles gave way to hearty laughter — a promise of greater friendships to come.

The next week of Orientation was packed with 18 games spanning across 2 days. Do you remember the buzzing excitement, the roaring cheers and the triumphant cries of victory as the games progressed?

Though short, OG Week proved to be a memorable experience for all, especially the lucky 8 OGs who got the chance to take on the Slippery Slope.

Then came the highlight of Orientation — WAR. After being sorted into your 4 faculties, you lined up with your comrades to display the faculty spirits of Ares, Artemis, Athena and Apollo. Even though all 4 faculties put up a fierce fight, only one would emerge victorious in War Games 2018.

This war may have been a long and arduous one, but the faculties emerged stronger than ever, embracing the spirit of 4 Faculties, 1 Hwa Chong.

2 weeks of Orientation culminated in a spectacular finale, the Campfire Night. On this night, it wasn’t just the radiant heat of the campfire that raised spirits to an all-time high.  The exuberance of the faculties, together with the medley of SODACHE songs, dances and cheers, transformed the night into a truly magical one.

Alas, all great things have to come to an end. While the doors of Orientation may have closed behind us, an exciting 2 years in Hwa Chong await you. May the Hwa Chong flame light the path ahead and once again, Enchanté, welcome to the Hwa Chong family!

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