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Once again, it’s time to celebrate Christmas! A festive occasion for Christians and non-Christians alike, Christmas is a day whereby families and friends can get together and enjoy sumptuous delicacies. How do people from different parts of the world celebrate Christmas? Let us find out!

This should be familiar to most of us! Genting Highlands, one of our all time favourite theme parks!

And here we have India! Heavy crowds of locals doing last minute shopping!

The famous Taipei 101 decorated with Christmas lights!

Beijing’s Niao Chao Stadium, accompanied by a gigantic Christmas Tree!

Japan – a horde of Santas parading the streets!

Ok let’s move out of Asia… to Europe! A typical Christmas Market in Germany!

A party at the Red Square, Russia!

The towering Eiffel Tower – Christmas Edition!

Christmas on a Gondola! Admire the beautiful scenery of Venice, Italy

What’s more fun than to ice skate during Christmas in London!

It’s a Party in the USA, as Christmas is celebrated with much fanfare!

The Argentinian Christmas Tradition – Releasing Globos (Paper Wishing Lanterns) into the Sky!

Christmas in Brazil = Beach Party!!!!!!

One of the most beautiful views of Gold Coast during Christmas!

And finally, we are back in Singapore! There’s nothing more satisfying than a good meal with your family and friends at Orchard Road…

Or perhaps, just perhaps, we may see familiar faces of our seniors in clubs? (Strictly no entry to anyone below 18!)

With this, we conclude our Christmas post! We hope you enjoy the special effects put up as part of the Christmas set up! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your Christmas break (as well as the rest of your holidays)!

Signing off,
your ITDs – Suhas, Patrick & Leslie

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