Hello Hwa Chongians! We, the 45th Students’ Council, are proud to be officially invested as councillors. We look forward to serving you, with an epic story of family, friendship and growth in the year ahead. We are confident that with the support of our lovely Hwa Chong family, we will be able to remain steadfast and committed in improving your welfare and experiences in Hwa Chong. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves so that you may get to know us a little better. Do approach any of us if you have any suggestions to enhance your school life!

The Executive Committee (ExCo)
Hey Hwa Chong, we are the Executive Committee (ExCo), the leaders who coordinate the work of the various Standing and Working Committees of Council to make our school experience a better one. With our undying passion to serve, we lead the Council in making decisions, planning cool initiatives and organising fun events! Our genuine care for every councillor motivates us to create a warm environment for all councillors to work in, supporting them whenever they require assistance. The ExCo strives to empower the 45th Students’ Council to soar to greater heights, in the interest of the school and for the welfare of the students. We are consistently working improve your school experience in collaboration with the student body.

President: Teo Ming Chong, Ryan
Vice-President: Quah Hui Ting, Lynette
General Secretaries: Chen Meng Yee, Li Anqi
Treasurer: Yeo Meng Han
ECACO Chairperson: Goh Yu En
WelCo Chairperson: Lim Huile
SnR Chairperson: Lee Wynne Yu
PubCo Chairperson: Justin Rong HengYang

The Non-Standing Executive Committee (NSE)
The Non-Standing Executive Committee (NSE), comprising the President, Vice-President, General Secretaries and General Treasurer, are the spearheads making decisions and leading the way for the Council and the school. By considering the bigger picture and setting a direction for the Council, the NSE ensures that any problem, big or small, will be addressed, and not a single detail, however miniscule, will be missed in order to make our journey in Hwa Chong fun and enjoyable! However, that does not mean we are incapable of working on the ground — we work just as hard to contribute to the day-to-day functioning of the Council. The NSE hopes to lead the 45th student’s council in strengthening relationships via servant leadership and a tireless determination to make the school a better place for everyone.

The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO)
The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO) exists to strengthen school spirit and construct an undeniable Hwa Chong identity. By fervently supporting our Co-Curricular Activities groups, promoting Hwa Chong tradition through song, dance and cheer (SODACHE), and being some of the most high-key and energetic Hwa Chongians, the 45th ECACO will never fail to fill our school-wide events with boundless Hwa Chong spirit. The 45th ECACO hopes that the Hwa Chong spirit will continue to burn in the hearts of all students. ECACO promises to do their very best to serve both the school and the students.

Chairperson: Goh Yu En
Secretary-Treasurer: Bowen Low
Song I/Cs: Ling Yin, Tan Er Faye Sammi
Dance I/Cs: Koh Nya Kee, Joanne, Michael Wang Si Zhe
Cheer I/Cs: John Chiang, Lee Xin Ying Rachel
CCA Public Relations Officers: Sarah Goh Shuxin, Ellione Chow Kar Wei
NSE Attaché: Li Anqi

The Welfare Committee (WelCo)
A closely-knit team, the 45th Welfare Committee (WelCo)’s primary objective is to serve the school with sincerity and dedication, through the management, improvement and implementation of various welfare services. This ensures that the needs of the student population are addressed and well taken care of. The 45th WelCo serves as a bridge of communication between the school administration and student population by listening to feedback and working on improving the students’ experience, voicing their desires to the school, and then explaining the school’s stand and rationale. We want to make the Hwa Chong experience more comfortable and memorable for the Hwa Chong family In essence, the committee strives to create a place you can call home, where “your welfare is our affair”.

Chairperson: Lim Huile
Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas Tam Jia Jun
Sales Executives: Shi Steven, Sophie Ng Bei En
Welfare Services I/Cs: Lee Gene Ee, Per YuHeng, Erwin
School Services I/Cs: Faith Tham Kah Mun, Foo Chuan Guan, Matthew Ryan Teo
NSE Attaché: Yeo Meng Han

The Social and Relations Committee (SnR)
The 45th Social and Relations Committee (SnR) seeks to connect and build strong bonds between the Council and the Student Body, as well as between each and every member of Hwa Chong by uniting and promoting cohesiveness amongst the four faculties (Apollo, Ares, Artemis and Athena). The faculties may work independently to promote individual faculty pride but they function interdependently, striving towards a common goal of 4 faculties, 1 Hwa Chong (4Facs1Hwach), because together we are stronger, together we are unbroken, and together we can do anything. With its vibrancy and dedication, the 45th SnR hopes to inculcate a strong sense of belonging amongst the student body to the school community. A bonded committee, SnR strives to promote our common identity as Hwa Chongians. After all, we are stronger together.

Chairperson: Lee Wynne Yu
Secretary-Treasurer: Lok Kok Bin
Apollo Faculty Heads: Gavin Goh Jun Chong, Aw Wei Shan
Ares Faculty Heads: Yan Weidong, Ng Jing Ying
Artemis Faculty Heads: Tan Wanting Megan, Jerome Chan Yung Kang
Athena Faculty Heads: Teo Zhi Hao, Ang Kai En
NSE Attaché: Quah Hui Ting, Lynette

The Publications and Publicity Committee (PubCo)
The Publications and Publicity Committee strives to streamline communication and increase transparency between the student body and the Students’ Council. The committee works tirelessly behind the scenes, delivering content in the form of MOCH, our latest Instastory updates and HCUnite. We work to capture the essence of school life in Hwa Chong and to document your journey here, every step of the way. The 45th PubCo aims to support the council and its initiatives, hence reinforcing the council’s primary goal – to serve the student body. Keep a look out for our exciting productions, no matter offline or online, we will do our best to communicate with you.

Chairperson: Justin Rong HengYang
Secretary-Treasurer: Alexis Sudrajat
Art Directors: Ariel Lim Wenmin, Megan Chua Yih Wen, Ng Shi Qing, Elizabeth Natalie
Editorial Directors: Poon Li Yi Sheryl, Randall Ho Yi Kit
Multimedia Directors: Ler Rynn, Tan Jie Hao, Ren Guanpeng
MOCH Coordinators: Tanya Ragupathi, Sophie Chua Yih Shien
Social Media Directors: Lee Wenxi Tammy, Thiam Jingting
Web Directors: Lim Ding Han, Loh Jian Rong
NSE Attaché: Chen Meng Yee

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