Hello Hwachongians! We, the 44th Students’ Council, are proud to be officially invested as councillors and we look forward to serving you in the year ahead. We strive to do our best to improve your welfare and experiences in Hwa Chong. Now, please let us introduce ourselves so that you can get to know us better. Do approach anyone of us if you have any suggestions or requests to enhance your school life 🙂


The Executive Committee (ExCo)

Hey Hwa Chong, we are the Executive Committee (ExCo), the “bosses” who coordinate the work of the various Standing and Working Committees of Council. With our undying passion to serve, we lead the Council in making decisions, planning cool initiatives and organising fun events! Our genuine care for every councillor motivates us to create a warm environment for all councillors to work in, supporting them when they require assistance. The ExCo strives to empower the 44th Students’ Council to soar to greater heights, in the interest of the school and for the welfare of the students.


President: Gui Ming Jiang

Vice-President: Chua Shitong Charmaine

General Secretaries: Mah Jun Fung, Keston, Ong Jie Min

Treasurer: Chua Chuan Yang

ECACO Chairperson: Gao Yiting

WelCo Chairperson: Yang Jia Wen, Joanna

SnR Chairperson: Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai

PubCo Chairperson: Seah Ziyi Alan


The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO)

The Co-Curricular Activities Committee (ECACO) strives to make every Hwa Chong student feel at home through forging a strong sense of school spirit. We hope to do so through supporting the school’s Co-Curricular Activities, contributing to and promoting Hwa Chong’s rich culture of song, dance and cheer (SODACHE) and providing opportunities to establish a strong school identity in school-wide events. As the 44th ECACO, we hope to inspire more students to love and appreciate the unique and vibrant culture of Hwa Chong. Most importantly, we want everyone to be able to have fun and enjoy their experiences at Hwa Chong!

Chairperson: Gao Yiting

Secretary-Treasurer: Chawisa Teansue

Song I/Cs: Ng Wan Qing Adele, Ong Yuan Hao

Dance I/Cs: Zhao Xiang Yu, Low Li Xian Kelly

Cheer I/Cs: Jiang Ling, Amanda Ng

CCA Public Relations Officer: Zhang Shenjia, Stephanie Tan Xin Yi

NSE Attaché: Mah Jun Fung, Keston


The Welfare Committee (WelCo)

Hey Hwa Chong! We are the 44th WelCo, a passionate group of people dedicated to improving your welfare. Some of the things we do include maintaining the Welfare Room and planning Welfare Initiatives. In our term ahead, we will do our utmost to understand your needs and strive to make school a happier place for all of you! 😊 Do look out for upcoming welfare initiatives, which will definitely make your school days brighter. Feel free to send in any feedback to us as well – because in WelCo, your welfare is our affair! Together, let’s bring Hwa Chong to greater heights!🏔

Chairperson: Yang Jia Wen, Joanna

Secretary: Choo Ting Xuan

Treasurer: Goh Hui Min

Welfare Coordinator: Yin Kai Sheng Ashton, Lim Jun Kai Jordan, Wang Yiwei, Gu Yichen, Lim Kai Wen, Tan Yee Kiat Ryan

Sales Executive: Ryan Low Wen Jun, Li Yingming

NSE Attaché: Chua Chuan Yang


The Social and Relations Committee (SnR)

As its name suggests, the ever-friendly Social and Relations Committee seeks to build bonds and foster relations between students in the school. We work towards this goal through two main ways: Firstly, through the leadership of Faculty Heads, we seek to build a family within each of the respective faculties (Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Athena) while bonding all four faculties as one Hwa Chong. Secondly, Project Coordinators, who also serve as members of the Students’ National Education Council and Green Council, carry out school-based initiatives. Working together, we strive to make school life more vibrant for all, and to forge a strong Hwa Chong spirit, where Hwa Chong can be a home for all to identify with.

Chairperson: Kenneth Tan Zhe Kai

Secretary-Treasurer: Tan Joy

Ares Faculty Heads: Joel Wong Hong Kiat, Priya Dharshini D/O Chockalingam

Apollo Faculty Heads: Soh Zhi Hong, See Sin Yee

Athena Faculty Heads: Dylan Wee Yang-Yi, Ryan Kang Bing Hui

Artemis Faculty Heads: Jonas Gng Rui Sheng, Hilary Mah Xin Yi

Green Council Coordinator: Ann Lee, Han Jiale

SNEC Coordinator: Chia Jia-En, Abbey Tan

NSE Attaché: Ong Jie Min


The Publications and Publicity Committee (PubCo)

We are the 44th Publications and Publicity Committee. In charge of all things publicity related, we are tasked with providing a face to everything Council does and we are passionate about making your school life more vibrant through our cool designs! Some other things we do include managing council’s online platforms and Hwa Chong’s Own Magazine (MOCH). Through HCunite, MOCH articles and #humansofhwachong, we aim to let the voices of Hwa Chong students be heard and to build up personal connections with the student body. Do check our online platforms regularly for content that will definitely bring a smile to your face. Together, as one PubCo, we promise to give our all, to reach out to you – the students – and to build a vibrant school environment for all students to enjoy.

Chairperson: Seah Ziyi Alan

Secretary-Treasurer: Edeline Tenges

Art Directors: Dominic Yap Wei Ting, Goo How-Zer, Jovan Lee Yuheng

IT Directors: Ow Zong Heng Adrian, Yang Chun Wei, Clio Chuang Chia Hsin

MOCH Coordinator: Teo Chee Hwee Cyril, Chew Kuo Loong Dragon

NSE Attaché: Chua Shitong Charmaine

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