Hey Hwa Chong!

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!”

–Dexter Kozen

Halloween  is celebrated on the 31st of October.

With the end of the school term coming to a close, we adapted the annual horror night into Hwa-lloween, a unique Hwa Chong experience.

1. Drop by the Hwa Chong Horror Story photobooth and snap a special moment with your friends to soak in the spirit of Hwa-lloween and to remember the end of the school term.

2. No chance to go trick-or-treating? Indulge in Hwa-lloween goodness by purchasing the limited edition Halloween Nerds, Witch Heart Candy, Popping Candy or the Body Parts Gummies and feel shivers down your spine! All at the Welfare Room.

Now, we’ve all heard about the multiple rumours and sightings of supernatural entities in Hwa Chong. Do you believe in them?

3. Watch the Hwa Chong Horror Story on Youtube! (Just enter: Hwalloween). Join Ashleigh, Joshua and Siyuan as they contend with their greatest fears, traversing the sprawling school campus in the hopes of making it out alive.



4. Any personal encounters with the third kind? Scribble them at the Hwalloween display outside Chill!

With Project Work Oral Presentation and A Levels just around the corner, hope we’ve lightened your day! Believe in yourself and do your best, Hwa Chong!

Happy Hwa-lloween (:

With love,
40th Students’ Council


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