• Hwa Chong CCA Shirt Design Competition – Time to Vote!

    Hey Hwa Chong!


    Thank you for your active participation in the CCA Shirt Design Competition! 🙂


    After much deliberation, here are the submissions shortlisted by the school administration. You can vote for your favourite design to become Hwa Chong’s very own CCA shirt!


    Design #1: By Riley Yap of 2A2’12


    Design #2: By Melissa Yeo of 12S7B


    Design #3: By Tan Yida of 12S6P


    This CCA shirt will be given to all Sports CCAs taking part in competitions. Sports CCAs not taking part in competitions, as well as Performing Arts CCAs, Clubs & Societies and Uniformed Groups can opt for the shirt simply by paying a small fee.


    Each person is entitled to one vote.


    The design with the most number of votes will replace the current red CCA shirt with gold words, to become Hwa Chong’s very first student-chosen CCA shirt.


    Polls close on 12 January 2013.


    So what are you waiting for? Cast your vote for your favourite design today!



    39th CCA PROs

    On behalf of the 39th Students’ Council

39 Responsesso far.

  1. Chia Yi Da says:

    Design #3

  2. Ting Yang says:


  3. Ryan Ng says:


  4. Cheong Ee Rei says:

    Design 3

  5. Ryan John says:


  6. Ryan Tan says:


  7. Julian Koh says:

    Do you guys realise that you should vote via the box at the top right hand corner of the page? Anyway, no.3 rocks!!

  8. Dylan Yeoh says:

    no.3 definitely cos of the flames!

  9. Li Shida says:

    #3 for the win!!!!!!1

  10. Phang Chen Yi says:


  11. Katekyo Rayman says:

    #1. 🙂

  12. Thung You Xuan says:


  13. Yow Wee Teck says:

    Design 1

  14. Andrew says:

    DESIGN 1

  15. Shao Wei says:

    Design number #3

  16. Lee Yat Bun says:

    #1 is best

  17. David Ang says:

    Design #3

  18. Greg Tan says:


  19. Joshua LIm says:

    Design #1

  20. Dx Ng says:

    3 is nice and cool but the words are a bit small. And the logo too. But it’s still the best 😛

  21. Jack Tan says:


  22. Chua Cheng Leong says:


  23. Han Ruobing says:

    #3 🙂

  24. Dr Hon says:


  25. Eduardo Johnson says:

    number 3

  26. richmond lim says:

    2…..3 is too fancy and 1 looks too childsish

  27. Ward Ong says:

    3″s colour is very dull. #1 FTW

  28. Lucas Tan says:

    DESIGN 2!

  29. Sean Wang says:


  30. Chong Yi Ho says:


  31. Shaun Yu says:


  32. Li Chao says:

    Design 3

  33. Random says:

    All 3 design are plain and sucks…

  34. Somebody says:


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