27 January, 2019

“OCIP Fujian-Kinmen has taught me is to be grateful for everything around me, big or small. During the trip, we had the opportunity to lead classes in English lessons at a school located in the rural areas of Xiamen. Prior to the trip, I had no idea how difficult it was for these children to even get to school, especially for children who stayed in villages other than the one the school was in. Upon having a chat with one of the students, we found out that his daily routine of coming to school involved a 2-hour walk through mountainous terrain from a neighbouring village. During class, we also realised that most kids were incredibly attentive, a handful were even scribbling notes on their mini English notebooks and taking down everything we were trying to bring across to them. They grasped every opportunity to learn something new about the English language, and were very grateful for these fresh chances to interact with new people and learn new things. It’s so easy to forget the privileges we’ve been blessed with here in Singapore, like our accessibility to education and convenient transportation systems, when we’ve been having them our whole lives. After this experience, it became very clear to all of us that not everyone is equipped with the same privileges, and we should be appreciative of everything that’s been granted to us, big or small. All in all, it was definitely a memorable and exciting experience!!” ⁣

-Keane Wang, OCIP Fujian-Kinmen 2018🔆



16 January, 2019

“ I spent a long time wondering if I should go for the OCIP trip because I wasn’t sure if I would really be able to make an impact on the community. That being said, I spent every day in Cambodia being grateful that I signed up for the trip. I wouldn’t say that the 7 days in Cambodia changed my life but rather, changed my perspective of life itself. The simplicity of life in Cambodia was a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Singapore. I am also very grateful for the chance to grow closer to our friends from ITE College West who went on the trip with us and for the many wonderful memories and laughs that we shared. I definitely recommend this trip to anyone who wants to push themselves and learn more about themselves! Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine – Anthony J. D’Angelo ☀”⁣

-Alexandra Zoe Egan, OCIP Cambodia 2018⁣