Hey Hwa Chong! Hope you’ve spent the break well resting and gearing up for the rest of the school term (and collecting those precious Ang Baos)! Time to recount the events on your last Friday! 

12th February was definitely a day of joy and excitement. With our very own Hwa Chong Chinese New Year Celebration, 花舞, attracting the young and the slightly older ( sorry seniors) alike in a fit to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. 

Citygate: CANDY with a tinge of manga.

But in any case, students and seniors alike decked the corridors of the wings and 天堂, adding to the touch of liveliness the day presented. 


The morning was packed with exciting performances courtesy of our Lion Dance, Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance Society and the Music And Dance Society and Wushu! 

Our emcees: Xueyan & Zeyu




HC Choir completes the SMILE! Don’t you see one! 

HC Chinese Dance at their best again 



With a pleasantly surprising performance from our Music And Dance Society! 

Wushu: the valour package. 


Make that a precision and top-class one as well. 😀 

With the street market following the performances, Hwa Chongians experienced a festival that is worth remembering in every right. 



A fair wih the undiscounted creativeness of our students.

The mass Lao Yu Sheng was the highlight of the event, with everyone crowding around their own class benches ( or stalls) and lo hei for a more prosperous new year. The FEEL of Hwa Chong family was in everyone’s bones. 

Go, teachers! 


CNY Celebration, 花舞, came to a splendid end with the sun beaming brightly on the red tiger in the middle of central plaza, casting a brilliant shadow of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. 




We could not ask for a more apt build-up as the atmosphere paved the way for the explosiveness of what was to come: 

POP 2010!

One by one each faculty immersed themselves in 3 minutes of bliss, giving full vent to their dazzling moves, drawing incessant cheers from the entire plaza and wings. 




Bullgirls and bullguys unite! 




Dancing God of War 

The best faculty may have been crowned by our judges, but you guys know that the best dance is one that entails soul and sweat. You did it, together, J1s! 

What’s a party without SODACHE?! Here we go again! Get you mind set, and have a wild, wild time! 


The very vibrancy of our school. 


One Hwa Chong, as always, and forever!

Photos by Daryl Chua, Wan Zhong Wei and Neo Kae Yuan. 😀

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skian · February 20, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Love this post 36th! 🙂

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