Hey Hwa Chong!

We are your 42nd IT Directors (ITDs), Jiayi, Lyu Liang and Fengfang. We are very excited to be serving you in the eventful year ahead!

The 3 of us come from different backgrounds and faculties! Fengfang is from Apollo, Jiayi is from Athena and Lyu Liang is from Artemis. Being the only male ITD, Lyu Liang also towers over Fengfang and Jiayi, who are, slightly vertically challenged. We are all friendly and approachable, so don’t hesitate to give us a friendly wave along the corridors!

For our term as ITDs, we hope to revamp our HCunite  social media accounts and hope you will  lend us your support!

For HCunite.com, please send in feature articles on anything related to the school!  We want to make HCunite a friendly platform to showcase your talent. You could send in pictures you’ve taken, opinion pieces you’ve written or even artworks you’ve created.

For our HCunite instagram, (@hc_unite), we welcome you to showcase any special talents you have for our unique feature ‘Hwa Chong’s Got Talent’. Be it singing, dancing, card tricks or really just any special skill. Drop us an email of your talent showcase, so that your fellow Hwachies can appreciate your talents.

‘How Well Do You Know Hwa Chong’ is another Instagram feature where we appreciate the undiscovered or forgotten beauty of our school. We hope to collaborate with you for these photos! So send in your snaps to us through Instagram direct ☺

Another feature we would like to introduce is the ‘Humans of Hwa Chong’. Please don’t shy away if we approach you! (We promise we don’t bite!)

Last but not least, for ‘The Other Side of Council’, we will give you a peek at the work we do in preparation for the various events, and our fun side as well. Catch your fellow friends in action!

For our Twitter, (@HCunite), we’ll be posting lighthearted Tweets and reminders to sprinkle a little laughter into your lives, so do follow us!

If you have any suggestions for us, just email us at hwachongitds@gmail.com and we will respond to you.

When HC unite we show our might!



Signing off,

Jiayi, Lyu Liang and Fengfang

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