Some of you might have seen him dribbling down the basketball court during the school nationals earlier this year; some of you might have seen him walking along the corridor; some of you might have seen him as part of the contingent running with the torch-bearers this morning. This Youth Olympic Games, see him, Jabez Su, playing for Singapore in the 3-on-3 Boys Basketball.

HCunite scores an exclusive interview with Jabez!

1. When did preparation for YOG begin? Any highs or lows thus far?

We participated in the recent AYG in 2009. Our trainings started at the beginning of 2009 so as to prepare ourselves for the upcoming YOG and AYG back then. AYG was indeed a rich experience for us as we battle the best teams in Asia. We were also quite satisfied with our results and performance. A short break was awarded so as to allow the members to prepare for their major exams. Immediately after these exams, we were back to training almost 5-6 times a week till today. There were quite a few of training tours and preparation games prepared for us as well.

2. In RedsportsV, an online poll for the best 5 B Division players in Singapore, last year, you received the highest number of votes!! Any comments on this?

Thanks for those who had high hopes in me!

3. You’ve been in a number of basketball teams – Catholic High, Hwa Chong, YOG, among others. What are the challenges you face in adapting to the styles of different teams, and how do you overcome them?

YOG and the other teams are played in different format and rules. The YOG game was designed in a way that it became a faster paced 3on3 game, hence limiting the game strategies. The challenge to adapt into this team’s style will be adapting to the game rule and format.

As we progress in terms of basketball, we tend to switch teams frequently. My main challenge will be adapting to the playing style of these teammates and living up to the coach’s expectation on court.

4. What words of encouragement do you have for your fellow athletes who have hopes of taking part in such a major competition in the future?

When speaking about basketball, I guess we Singaporeans are always at a physical disadvantage when we compete internationally. However, stay confident and play hard. I guess this applies to all other sports as well.

5. Anything you want to say to your fans on HCunite?

Thank you very much!!

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