Approximately a year ago, the 45th Students’ Council kickstarted their term with “Avenchers: Infinity Woah”, rallying the support of their batchmates in celebrating our teachers’ consistent efforts. Last month, the long-anticipated release of the Avengers: Endgame hit film coincided with the beginning of the “endgame” for the 45th, as the elections process came to a close, leaving a capable team of 48 C1 councillors in its wake. Just as Endgame marks the end of the 11 year old Marvel Cinematic Universe, the end of the elections period signals the imminent end of the 45th’s term of service.

As the 45th student councillors hand the baton over to the next batch of councillors, they wish the 46th the very best for their upcoming term. The 45th has unwavering faith in the aspirations and capabilities of the 46th, and hopes for everyone to continue lending them your fullest support.

As Tony Stark mentions in Endgame, “Part of the journey is the end” and we thank you for walking this journey with us from the very beginning. It has been an honour to be given this opportunity to serve you, and we hope we have not disappointed.

Signing off, the 45th Students’ Council

Your first and last batch of EDs

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