• Competition Results Updates (25 – 29 April)

    Congratulations to all our sports team who have fought hard and done Hwa Chong proud in their respective competitions! Here are their results:

    Results wk 3

    Football (Group Stage Matches)

    HCI 0 – 2 MI (Girls)

    Basketball (Group Stage Matches)

    HCI 69 – 14 TJC (Girls)

    Both the boys and girls team qualified for Quarter Finals

    Tennis (3rd/4th placing)

    HCI 5 – 0 SAJC (Girls)

    A Div Girls: 2nd runners up

    Netball (Group Stage Matches)

    HCI 66 – 21 NYJC

    Badminton (Group Stage Matches)

    HCI 4 – 1 MI (Boys)

    HCI 4 – 1 NJC (Boys)

    HCI 1 – 4 AJC (Boys)

    HCI 4 – 1 NJC (Girls)

    Floorball (Group Stage Matches)

    HCI 4 – 2 NJC (girls)

    HCI 0 – 4 ACJC (Boys)

    Track and Field

    A Div Boys: 1st runners up

    A Div Girls: 1st runners up

    Hwa Chong athletes have achieved the following positions in the various categories:

    Triple Jump girls: Andrea Chong, 2nd; Audrey Weers 3rd

    3000m Steeplechase boys:  Dylan Tan, 4th

    2000m steeplechase girls: Dilys Hor, 4th

    400m hurdles girls: Pan Xin-Min, 2nd

    400m Hurdles boys: Ow Yeong Wei Bin, 1st (National Record)

    200m girls: Zhang Jingxuan, 4th

    200m boys: Elgene Chng 3rd

    High Jump boys: Ong Sim Hao, 1st; David Chung, 3rd

    800m girls: Dilys Hor, 4th

    1500m boys: Hu Huaxin, 2nd; Shamus Lim, 3rd

    4 x 100m girls: HCI, 2nd

    4 x 100m boys: HCI, 4th

    4 x 400m girls: HCI, 1st

    4 x 400m boys: HCI, 2nd

    Softball (Semi Finals Matches)

    HCI 0 – 8 RI (Boys)

    HCI 10 – 0 ACS(I) (Boys)

    Boys team qualified for the gold medal match, on 6 May.

    HCI 0 – 7 ACJC (Girls)

    Girls team qualified for the 3rd/4th placing match.

    3rd/4th placing match: HCI 1 – 11 RI (Girls)

    A Div Girls: 3rd runners up

    Volleyball (Quarter Finals Matches)

    HCI 2 – 0 PJC (Girls)

    HCI 2 – 0 MJC (Girls)

    HCI 2 – 0 NYJC (Girls)

    HCI 2 – 0 DHS (Boys)

    HCI 2 – 0 ACJC (Boys)

    HCI 0 – 2 NYJC (Boys)

    Squash (Semi Final Matches)

    HCI 3 – 2 ACJC (Boys)

    Boys team qualified for gold medal match on 3rd May


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