A hectic week of competitions has elapsed. Are you curious to find out how our CCA groups did? Read on to find out more!

wk 1

Football (Group Stage matches)

HCI 0 – 0 TJC (Girls)

HCI 4 – 1 NUSH (Boys)

Basketball (Group Stage matches)

HCI 40 – 17 DHS (Girls)

HCI 42 – 35 RVHS (Boys)

Tennis (Group Stage matches)

HCI 5 – 0 SRJC (Boys)

HCI 1 – 4 ACS (I) (Boys)

HCI 5 – 0 NJC  (Girls)

Waterpolo (Finals)  

Boys: 1st runners-up (Gold medal match: HCI 8 – 10 RI on penalties)

Girls: 2nd runners-up (Bronze medal match: HCI 5 – 4 ACSI)


Girls: Overall champion

Boys: 3rd runners-up

Hwa Chong athletes have achieved the following positions in the various categories:

Nandao (1st Intl) Boys: 1st

42-style Taijiquan (1st Intl) Girls: 1st

Changquan (1st Intl) Boys: 3rd

Changquan (1st Intl) Girls: 3rd & 4th

Changquan (2nd Intl) Girls: 1st

Nanquan (1st Intl) Boys: 3rd

Nanquan (1st Intl) Girls: 1st

Cudgel (1st Intl) Boys: 4th

Cudgel (1st Intl) Girls: 2nd

Spear (2nd Intl) Boys: 2nd

Spear (1st Intl) Boys: 2nd

Spear (1st Intl) Girls: 1st and 2nd

Spear (2nd Intl) Girls: 2nd

Cudgel (2nd Intl) Boys: 4th

Cudgel (2nd Intl) Girls: 1st

Cudgel (2nd Intl) Girls: 1st

Group Quanshu Boys: 2nd

Group Weapon Girls: 2nd

Group Quanshu Girls: 1st

Group Weapon Girls: 1st

1st and 2nd Intl refer to the International Routine which is to be performed under that category.


Boys: Overall 1st runners up, with 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Girls: Overall champion, with 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze

Table Tennis (Team Quarter Finals matches)

HCI 2 – 3 AJC (Boys)

HCI 0 – 5 NYJC (Boys)

HCI 4 – 1 RVHS (Boys)

HCI 1 – 4 RI (Boys)

HCI 4 – 1 DHS (Girls)

HCI 5 – 0 RVHS (Girls)

HCI 4 – 1 NYJC (Girls)

HCI 2 – 3 RI (Girls)

Boys & Girls Team: Both qualified for Semi Finals

Track & Field (Session 1)

Shot put Boys: 3rd runners up

Softball (Group Stage matches)

HCI 18 – 2 TJC (Boys)

Volleyball (Group Stage matches)

HCI 2 – 0 RVHS (Girls)

Won the 2 sets by 25 – 6 and 25 -4

Squash (Group Stage matches)

HCI 4 – 1 TJC (Boys)

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