C1s C2s
Another day

Another adventure

These new experiences

Picturesque Scenes

Flooded my brain

Arriving at the terraces

I saw a sea of red.

Getting lost in the crowd

The few that I recognised

Just blots in the background

The rumble of the drums

Signalling their arrival

The crowds cheered

As the troupe had their last hurrah,

Shuffling into position,

We waved enthusiastically

Returning to College

I caught sight of the spectacle

Floating amongst the clouds.

Relishing my sweet victory,

Savouring the delightful taste of milk tea

I hurried to take a seat

the orchestra’s harmonious melody

Worthy of being performed in Olympus playing

The next groups were

Just as awe-inspiring

The penultimate performers

Shocked the audience,

Soaring through the clouds

Proving they were last but not least,

As they amazed those assembled

Beyond the stage

Lay 3 banners of

Immense Beauty

A tremendous backdrop

Setting the scene

An unfamiliar school

Yet there is

A strange feeling

A sense of home

As I shout

“Huat Ah!”

Another year

Another reunion

These old memories

Familiar Frames

Rushing in like a raging storm

As I had many times before

I continued moving

Searching desperately for

The elusive metal plate on the ground

Waiting to be found

The crash of the cymbals

As the performers enter

In tandem with the lions’ roar

We took centre stage

Along with the drone

Recreating a century’s worth of memories

In a mad rush

that was the focal point of the day

I joined the queue for bubble tea

I handed over my change,

And continued on my search for the next sweet treat.

As the day’s programmes began with

Music fit for the gods

Ringing through the air.

Not to be outdone

as those who followed wowed the crowd.

Arriving to much applause,

The mythical dragon

pursued an intricate red ball.

They showed off their skill

with a scintillating performance

Beyond the spectacular performances

Fabled Glory—

Awaited my eyes

A spectacular showcase

For my Instagram Feed.

A new year

Something new

Against the same old

As I raise my chopsticks

And exclaim

“Huat Ah!”

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