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Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Ang baos, Lo Hei, oranges… these may be the first things that come to mind when you think of Chinese New Year. This year, however, we have something special: the Monkey King will be coming for our very own Chinese New Year Celebrations on Friday, 5th February 2016!

The theme for CNY this year is 猴王腾云送福来. Inspired by the traditional Chinese folklore “Journey to the West”, this year’s celebration will feature the Monkey King as our main motif. In Chinese culture, the Monkey King symbolises energy and playfulness, cheeky yet dedicated, spirited yet loyal. Thus, the arrival of the Year of the Monkey must be celebrated in a cheerful and joyous manner! May the Year of the Monkey bring auspicious blessings for the New Year!


What will the Monkey King bring to our celebrations this year? Aside from a sky decorated by beautiful lanterns and drapes together with a city gate set up at the Central Plaza, you can look forward to an exciting line-up of thrilling performances by Chinese Orchestra, Wushu, Lion Dance, Chinese Dance, HC Choir, and even the Parent Support Group!


In addition, there will also be a giant street market with 48 stalls at the Central Plaza! Operated by the C2 students, each stall will provide unique tastes and experiences – not only will you be able to taste delicious CNY food, you can also look forward to excitng games at the street market!


Can’t wait to catch the Monkey King in action? Don’t worry! While you may have read the story of “Journey to the West” before, you surely have not seen Hwa Chong’s version of the story. Anticipate our very own 大话西游 (Journey to the West: Hwa Chong edition) series, where you will see the interesting experiences of the Monkey King and his (or her?) friends!

The series consist of 4 episodes which will be released before CNY Celebrations, so keep an eye out for the HCunite YouTube Channel for updates!

(Episode 2, 3 and 4 coming soon!)


Additionally, in the days leading up to CNY, we will also be unveiling more publicity initiatives such as pasting posters with fun facts about CNY around the school!


Wait, there’s more! A photo booth will be set up at the inner plaza next week with props that allow you to dress up as any of the characters in ‘Journey to the West’! Do remember to upload your photos with hashtag #CNYhc on Instagram!

If you want to know more about CNY 2016, check out Facebook event page:



Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year!



CNY Organising Committee

42nd Students’ Council


Photo Credits: Hwa Chong Photographic Society

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