Hey Hwa Chong!


Time flies and we’re only 17 days away from the Lunar New Year of the Goat!


Here in Hwa Chong, the Chinese New Year Celebrations hold a special place in our hearts. This year, the Hwa Chong Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration will be held on 18th February, Wednesday! Keep your eyes peeled for a line-up of exhilarating performances, coupled with a bustling street market and to end off, a school-wide Lohei!


The theme for this year is 吉羊献瑞展宏图,symbolizing the auspicious goat unveiling the grand prospects in the New Year, rising on the crest of success.


Wait a minute, did I mention that eight god-of-fortunes 财神爷 made an appearance in Hwa Chong?


Do share it with your friends and classmates if you loved it! Finally, do anticipate a series of fun-filled publicity initiatives coming your way! For one, we have the god-of-fortune initiative where the god-of-fortune will be walking around during your breaks to give out gold chocolates coins! Do keep a lookout for the god-of-fortune! Also, the god-of-fortune has brought with him his special wheel-of-fortune that will be displayed closer to the days of Chinese New Year! Stand to win attractive goodies from “shooting” the wheel. Yes! You read it right, “shooting” the wheel.


Signing off with love,


41st HCSC


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