Hey Hwa Chong!

Just 3 weeks ago, we celebrated Chinese New Year in Hwa Chong on the 30th of January! With the theme
骏马奔腾, the school welcomed the glorious Year of the Horse.


On that day, the C1s had their first taste of Hwa Chong’s vibrant school culture! Being the first event that they would officially attend in JC, the lineup of activities certainly did not disappoint. Of course, the C2s had their fair share of fun and joy, on a day when they would finally have a break from their already intensive school term.


Here are a few snapshots of the main highlights of this year’s CNY.


An energetic lion dance welcomed our distinguished VIPs!


The Chinese Orchestra pulling off yet another one of their stunningly beautiful musical arrangements.


The upbeat songs sung by our Choir, filling the Central Plaza with festive cheer.


A side-splitting dance central game that involved participants from both J1s and J2s!
Even the usually stern Mr Yeow couldn’t resist laughing his head off!



Adopting a traditional lotus flower arrangement, the Chinese Dance troupe stunned the audience with their graceful and delicate moves!


A rousing Dragon Dance delivered by our hardworking Parents Support Group!


A gravity-defying, heart stopping and jaw dropping performance by none other than our Wushu team!


The street market in its full glory. Needless to say, an awesome job by our dear J2 seniors.


Mitch’s Big Bakery opening for business!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s a… class helicopter by 13S7D!


The grand street market gate!

Tired? Why not rest beside our plum blossom in full bloom?


Ending off the day on a high note with our traditional Lohei! You can almost hear the resounding cheers across the wings and the Central Plaza. HUAT AH!


As a final closure to the event, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all the emcees, PA/AVA, performing arts groups as well as the PSG for all the hard work our into their performances! We would also like to thank the school for which without their help, this event would never have been successfully run. Last but definitely not least, a final thank you to all students for coming down and supporting us with your presence! The Hwa Chong family is never complete without the school, alumni, and its students. With this, we hope you all had a happy Chinese New Year!


The 40th Students’ Council

Photo credits to Aloysius Mok, Gong Wei Jin and Han Xuyang, thank you!

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