“Yummy Butterflies” is a song written and performed by Tan Yu Quan, a Hwa Chong alumnus.
In collaboration with Blotch Studios,  they made a beautiful music video for the song:

The song was about an adorable story of a boy who fell in love with a girl whom he met while waiting at the bus stop on many many occasions

I mean, I’m sure that almost every one of you have encountered this scenario before, to find a good-looking stranger on the bus, to feel down when you don’t see them, to have those butterflies in your stomach just at the sight of them, to struggle with thoughts of approaching them or simply sitting beside them.
Unless you are that one feeling creeped out by that person who just keeps staring…

As many of you may have noticed, the starting of the song struck as familiar to me as it is alike that of the Chinese classic 《对面的女孩看过来》 by 任贤齐 or 阿牛. Whether intentional or not, the boy in the music video seemed to be begging for attention from the female actor, waiting for her to notice him.
Her oblivion to his presence ended only at the very end of the video… Ah, if only all stories had a happy ending

Scrolling through Google Maps for half an hour, I have yet to come to a conclusion as to where the filming took place. Initial guesses were around Upper Bukit Timah, Lim Chu Kang or Woodlands, basically places which have train tracks or ulu places (Sorry to Woodlands peeps!)
So what are your guesses? Do you have the answer?
The old orange bus stops suddenly gives off such a romantic feel.

Back to the song “Yummy Butterflies”, it was sung and possibly premiered in HC Talentime 2011 by Yu Quan. The original video can be found here

One of the founders of Blotch Studios, Victor, was also a former student at Hwa Chong and the chairperson of the Publicity and Publications Committee (PubCo) of the 35th Students’ Council, the batch that started HCunite.

Let’s support our seniors as well as the local music and film scene by liking and spreading this amazing music video with more people! (:


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