Hello J1s!

Campfire night is on Friday and as you might have known, every class is required to do a class flag and a class performance. Work hard for it because you might just be the lucky ones chosen to represent the faculty 🙂

For those who might not have caught the briefing today, here’s the judging criteria and rubrics!

For class flag, you’ll be given your flags pretty soon and each class will be required to present their flag with a five minute time limit. We’re looking out for 4 main criteria:

1. Representation of faculty

2. Visibility (whether the colours/design can be identified with easily)

3. Creativity/Novelty

4. Presentation of the flag

For class presentation, each class will be given a maximum of five minutes to perform (after which you will be shooed offstage). Here’s what you’ll be judged on:

1. Audience Engagement

2. Use of faculty elements

3. Creativity/Novelty

4. Audience Response

Remember, this contirbutes a large percentage to the faculty shield so if you want to win, you know what to do.

If there are any questions, feel free to direct them to your faculty heads and rest assured we will answer them asap (:


Iris, Jeff and Patricia

Campfire I/Cs 2011

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