Hi Hwa Chong!

Have a stash of books you no longer want at home, or yearning to buy a new book at a low price? Wait no further, for we will be holding Bookfest from 28-29 April!

Here’s how Bookfest 2014 will work:

  1. You may bring along any unwanted books you have to school and drop them off at the “Bookfest Collection Point” outside the Welfare Room anytime from 16-25 April!
  2. Write down your name and class on the “Bookfest Collection List” and await a small token of appreciation from us on your class bench J
  3. Come down to the Inner Plaza from 28-29 April to purchase any books of your liking! We can assure you, the books will definitely be of good value (less than $9) J When you purchase a book, you will receive a complimentary limited edition Hwa Chong event drawstring bag, while stocks last!
  4. All proceeds from the sales of the books will go towards the Hwa Chong Needy Pupils Fund.

We sincerely hope that you will actively donate your books for the sales, and have an exciting and meaningful experience at the Bookfest from 28-29 April 2014!


Thank you very much!

40th Students’ Council


“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?”

–          Oscar Wilde

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