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For today, here are Koa and Brandon’s performances!

Koa, consisting of Bryan, Kwang Yueh, Matthew, Li Jie, Noelle, Tzin Wai and Nicole, performed their cover of Adam LAmbert’s Time For Miracles, while shortly after that, Brandon from 08S69 took the stage for his solo performance of So Small by Carrie Underwood 😀

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Andreas Wesson · February 26, 2013 at 9:42 pm

Perhaps Adam Lambert’s single from the soundtrack to the impressive problems film 2012 should be named, “Maybe It’s Here we are at a Energy Ballad.” The present pop music atmosphere is so covered with uptempo music at this time, a real traditional power ballad seems like an thrilling breathing of clean air. Add to that sensation that this is also a very very good one that I suppose would make Jim Steinman and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler extremely pleased. Those who have with patience waited with patience to listen to new music from Adam Lambert are very unlikely to be frustrated with “Time for Wonders.”:

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