Finding a way to add a special touch to your very own CCA/SL Banner? Sign up for the Banner Painting Workshop this Thursday, 22nd December held by the Students’ Council!

The Banner Painting Workshop is for all interested CCAs and SL groups to gain insights into painting attractive banners using extremely simple skills. This workshop will be held at A303 on 22nd December, from 1pm to 3pm.

The skills that will be covered include:

       1)    Choosing the right piece of cloth,

       2)    Chalking your designs – gridding and the projection method,

       3)    Painting concepts,

       4)    Painting gradients, shadows and special effects;

       5)    And many others!

 TO SIGN UP, simply email with your CCA, the number of people coming, and if you would like us to email you the notes (in the event that you cannot make it).

Through this workshop, we hope you will be able to come up with beautiful banners to advertise your CCA groups and/or SL projects, and also be able to pass useful skills down to your juniors!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Art Directors, Teoh Zhi Hao (91876197), Wu Jing Ting (97115775) or Halynne Shi (96392880).

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