Hey J1s, hope you had a cracking time with OG Games and SODACHE today! The witnessing J2s and seniors were all radiating with nolstagia today, so do treasure your Orientation days!

For today, feast your eyes on the moments of the wet games! Swoosh!, Soapy Hockey, Waterbomb Baseball, Eagle Chicken Egg, Pipe Game/Slippery Slope!

Counting on the last defense!


Soapy hockey on a fun-sized tabletop!

Must have been a cracker of a shot!

Whack those bombs to deal some splash damage!

Umm.. can you tell who’s the batter?!!?!?!

Stop the leak!

Vantage point o.O

heave, ho!

Now that we’re in the fray, “Don’t let me go.. Don’t let me go.. Don’t let me go-oo-oo-oh..”

Station Master: “Suffer my infinite wrath!”

Priceless moments at DA. 😀

Friendships forged unknowningly for eternity.

The OGs who played the pipe game today will get to conquer the Slippery Slope tomorrow (Tuesday) and vice versa! Don’t forget your dark attire (for girls, and guys if you wish) and sandals!

Tuesday is your last day of OG Games! So do remember to ace that song, dance, cheer and give your all for your OG Games. Last but not least, cherish! Rest well, J1s! 😀

Photos (view entire album here!) by our capable senior of ’06 batch, Wan Zhong Wei 😀

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