Hey J2s and prospective J1s! Welcome back to school!

Although many of us wish the holidays could’ve been longer, it’s time for a new school year to start, and we hope that 2010 will be a great year for everybody. Last week, we held our very own exciting Open House 2010: Destination Hwa Chong! Various CCAs and student bodies put up their finest to attract more prospective J1s. Even though it’s over, there’s yet another event to look forward to!

In just 2 weeks, on the 28th of January 2010, Hwa Chong will be welcoming the new batch of J1 students into our family! J1s can look forward to a swell week of orientation and kick off their new school year with a bang. The theme for this year’s orientation is AD INFINITUM, which means ‘to infinity’. Breaking away from a trend set by the past 3 years, this year’s orientation hopes that the new J1s will discover their potential and break new ground in Hwa Chong, surpassing their limits and shining as C1 2010.

J1s can look forward to a week filled with exciting events, such as getting to know their new orientation groups (OG) and CT groups through fun (and some wet!) games. Of course, apart from certain highlights such as Song, Dance and Cheer sessions and games like the Slippery Slope, there will also be an all-new War Games style this year – the annual epic sparring as one Hwa Chong. J2s can also welcome their junior classes and build strong junior-senior bonds, and enjoy the showcase of the new faculty dances.

Slippery Slope!

War Games credit wanzw

So brace yourselves for one of the biggest events in 2010, and get ready for AD INFINITUM: Hwa Chong Orientation 2010!

P.S. Do keep your eyelids peeled for more Orientation details and updates later today, when the maybe-not-all-new-but-definitely-different HCunite is unveiled!
Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek at new HCunite!

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