Hey world, and more importantly, HWA CHONG, with all of her exuberant J1s, loving J2s and unforgettable seniors! The following pictures constitute just a mere fraction of the snapshots of what transpired during the last two days of Ad Infinitum! 


Day 1, Thursday, Icebreakers & SO(DA)CHE!

Your OGLs amassing right before welcoming the J1s! 

IHC, don’t you? 😀 


 Off to break the ice, then! 



  Your ecstatic seniors from the batch of ’09! 

 Photos by the awesome OGL of OG8, Theodore Pung!


Day 2, Friday, 1st Day of OG Games!


Warren & OG9! 


  OG38’s on fire! 


Balloon Crabwalk!


Brace for impact!


Quidditch. Hwa Chong style.


dodge or die.






A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Support the lady!


I’ve Got My Mind Set On You: Lecture and Tutorial style.

Close, Close, Open!


Sing out loud, HC!


And the cheers provide the finale.

Our freshmen certainly had a whopping good time today. Well, if you think this is amazing, brace yourself for the upcoming OG Games and SODACHE sessions! Do remember to hydrate yourself  properly over the next week and bring your dark-coloured attires for wet games, and an extra set of clothes to change into after the games! 


Photos courtesy of Wan Zhong Wei, senior of the batch of ’06. Check out the entire album on the HCunite Facebook Page!

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