The cheering, dancing, singing, wet games, OG dinners/lunches, icebreaking, flag-painting, rehearsing and euphoria culminated in a heart-stopping visual extravanganza on Friday, complete with witty faculty items, mind-blowing dances and the fireball with its twin firecrackers.   

Surely, Hwa Chongians didn’t have to stay until the finale of the campfire  to have any provoke any inkling that Friday night would be a hell of a time. We gotta feeling right from the start, isn’t that right, J1s! After a week and a half of hype, Campfire Nite concludes Ad Infinitum and signifies the freshmen’s start of their academic year, with prospects of class bonding and OG outings ever-present. Just remember to study as hard as you play, people!   

A smooth afternoon preparation was a sign of many good things to come.   



Before long, the programme was given a soothing start with Oral Participation, our school’s very own beatbox/vocal group, consisting of Lester, Ryan, Preston, Zhehou and Yehan. The crowd’s reactions were overhwhelming, and it would only get more thunderous as the night went on.   




Apollo kick-started the class flag and item contest, providing numerous occasions of unrestrained laughter with their witty skit. Rhymes don’t just work brilliantly in kindergarden, apparently 😀 The message of ONE Hwa Chong stayed strong throughout the item, as it did during all Faculty items that night.   




You gotta agree, the miniature campfire looks really adorable!   


Next up, the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis entertained us with a skit depicting a guy who employs the help of the four gods/goddesses, representing the 4 faculties, in order to woo the girl he desires. The item stole the show with one-liners such as   

“Hey, my tan is darker than your shadow!”   
“You’re so hot you make my proteins denature!”

and simple but effective antics that induced laughter all around.   


Cupid’s weapon of mass infatuation.   


Inhale this, Hwachong! AWHOOOOOO!!!   

Ares, God of War,  was consistent with the message of a united Hwa Chong, as they presented their item and flag with style, wit and creative slapstick moments.  



Dance it, God of War! 

Finally, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, gave a rousing performance which made the cohort nolstagic for the classic Nintendo Pokemon games. Green Tea, the healthier choice. Mmmm 😀 




  Get on your elevator!!! Get high, people! 


The Students’ Council then danced to the music of Speedy Gonzalez and presented the ’10 batch dance, Tik Tok, sending the crowd into a frenzy.  


Time for the actual campfire! Your awesome Faculty Heads lit up their respective faculty flames, surrounding the central flame that, no doubt, represented the Hwa Chong family.

Your Orientation Chairperson, Tian Ci proceeded to light the fireball, thus kick starting the night’s session of song, dance and cheer!

Make way for the boss!

Definitely a sight to behold!

Hwa Chong Kebahbah!


And who would expect an addictive, cohesive plaza dance with everyone rockin’ to the beat of I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas? An unplanned but solid way to end the night of all nights!

Congrats to 10A14 for winning the Best Class Item and 10S7D for the Best Class Flag! Next up, Post-Orientation Party, where thee faculty with the most impressive dance will be decided! Look forward to it, people!

Campfire Nite ’10, a night to remember and reminsce, with the eternal Hwa Chong flame burning strongly in all of us.   

Hope you guys had fun! To infinity and beyond, Hwa Chong! 😀
Till next year’s Orientation, see you!

Photos courtesy of Wan Zhong Wei, full album can be found on the HCunite’s Facebook Page!
Another selection of photos by Tan Sze Chuen can be here!

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