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Last Sunday, Hwa Chong celebrated Mid Autumn Festival in our very own campus with great fanfare. A night filled with fun, laughter and excitement, the celebrations saw thousands of students, alumni, staff and their family members gather under the festive lanterns and spectacular centrepiece as one big Hwa Chong family – such warmth and homeliness brings out the spirit of Hwa Chong’s MAF celebrations, fully encapsulated in this year’s MAF theme 月满黄城.






This was beautifully represented by the Citygate, which formed the majestic backdrop of the stage in the Central Plaza. Against it, a whole array of impressive performances was displayed – these included fist-pumping song sessions from HC Jam, our batchmates Joyce and Sheng Chun, as well as Claire and Earl; talent showcases by Chia Wei (together with her sister), Lion Dance, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance, the Chinese Society, NYGH Wushu and HCJC Wushu; and not to forget, one of the highlights of the day, a mini concert by local pop duo 插班生 (The Freshmen)! These performances ended off with a dance item put up by the 39th Student’s Council, followed by a MAF Video prepared by Sensorium Vale.



Joyce and Sheng Chun

Claire and Earl

扯铃performance by Chia Wei and Sister

Lion Dance Performance

Chinese Dance

Chinese Orchestra

NYGH wushu

HCJC wushu

The Freshmen


council performance

MAF video:


The night’s performances ended with the spectacular Grand Light-Up that certainly awed the 3000-strong crowd on the day! This year’s Grand Light-Up featured an introduction of 4 mythical characters associated with the festival, aided by the spectacular designs on the Centrepiece, a dazzling display of lights from the lanterns in the sky, a blazing mooncake-shaped fireball and the shimmering lights on the fountain.


Exquisitely designed centrepiece with 4 panes, each displaying a mythical character in Mid Autumn Festival folklore.


Lanterns casting a warm hue over the central plaza.


The’黄城’ lanterns, a complex design formed out of 8 lanterns, evoked a warm and homely feeling.


The “mooncake” fireball set ablaze


Fountain with walking platform and wishing well

Well, what fun would the night be if it didn’t end with Hwa Chong’s favourite SODACHE? Led by our SODACHE I/Cs (with a terrific introduction), students from both past and present came together to sing, dance and cheer their hearts out!




Last but not least, thank you seniors for taking time off your busy schedules to support our event!

 We hope you enjoyed MAF 2012, and we guarantee that MAF 2013 will be equally exciting! Meanwhile, look forward to other events that are in the works 🙂

Brought to you by
The 39th Students’ Council

Photo Credits: The 39th Students’ Council, Nathanael Tan, Daniel Tan, Jeshua Soh
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