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As we all know, CIP forms an integral part of our lives in Hwa Chong. No matter what you aim to achieve, be it the Hwa Chong Diploma or any scholarships – CIP hours are a must for you to even qualify. Some of you might fret joining any CIP programmes for the fear of absolute boredom or the fear of interacting with others. But don’t worry, as the 40th Students’ Council is here to help you along the way.


In a new series of posts, we will be following different Service Learning (SL) projects organised by our own peers and giving you a unique account of their experiences. Through these posts, we hope to introduce the most interesting and whacky SL projects you can find in Hwa Chong that’ll make volunteering a blast for you. CIP will no longer be a chore!


Today, for our first ever coverage, we are featuring Whizz Kids Tutoring Programme – proudly organised by Cherlyn Lee, Beverly Fisk, Dong Wen Jia and Rachel Tjahjadi. Whizz Kids Tutoring Programme is a tutoring programme with a differentiated teaching pedagogy that is tailored towards P6 English and Mathematics students at Lianhua Primary School. The programme has its very own success formula that’s passed down many years from our seniors, thus making it a popular choice for Hwa Chong students year after year.


So… what exactly makes Whizz Kids Tutoring Programme a must to join? Here are 3 reasons that we think would matter to you:

1. No need to prepare anything!!!

Yes, you’re right. There is absolutely no need to prepare anything while attending the tutoring programme. No meetings to discuss lesson plans; no need to prepare worksheets or whatsoever. All you have to do is show up for the tuition and you’re set to go. On top of that, the organisers of the tutoring programme have personally reassured us that it will not clash with your preparations for your examinations. Nothing gets easier than this.

2. Unique experience

Above and beyond quantifiable benefits, tutoring children can be an extremely fun and fulfilling learning process, especially in terms of self-discovery of your hidden qualities and skills. The tutors that had taught the kids had so much fun they almost refused to go home that evening.


Tutors and tutees having fun during the tutoring programme

 3. Convenience

5 minutes away from Bukit Batok MRT station, less than 30 minutes away from school by bus; Lianhua Primary School is one of the most convenient places to volunteer


Lessons are on every Monday, 4-5.30pm at Lianhua Primary School. If you’re keen on joining the project, do sign up at http://tinyurl.com/whizzkids or on the sign-up sheets on your class benches. Should you have any queries, do contact Wen Jia at 91119520.


Stay tuned on HCunite as we bring you more SL projects over the coming weeks! Happy volunteering!!!


Sincerely Yours,

40th Hwa Chong Students’ Council

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