This year, 黄城夜韵 was held in The Republic Cultural Centre (Theatre) in Republic Polytechnic. It was the 33rd year of the show.

The theme for this year was Bei (悖), a term which characterises the maverick spirit. The 3 plays explore the transgressions of the customary boundaries and how characters respond to the public’s pervasive disdain for their actions. (Taken from 黄城夜韵 FB Event Page)

The first play tells a tale of a campus romance, where a boy falls in love with a girl, and with the help of his friends, chases her. The play portrays such teenage love in a light which exhibits its pureness and naivety, which greatly warmed our hearts and made us audience cringe with thrill at every dramatic development of the story.

The second play was a bold production by the directors, telling a story of romance between a student and teacher. Celebrating the unorthodox, the directors and actors manage to establish the legitimacy of this relationship of true love despite the judgement it suffers from the public eye.

The third play started with the seemingly cold-blooded murder of a child by his own mother. However, what we do not know, is the heart-wrenching backstory of it all, which through the play, was described.


The blood, sweat and tears of 117 people

10 weeks of hardwork

It was on those two days that their common dream took flight.

Whether or not this journey came with regrets, we offer you our blessings from the bottom of our hearts!


Best wishes to this hardworking and dedicated community of 黄城夜韵, may it live on forever!

We will meet again next year!


今年,《黄城夜韵》2014剧组不负众望,在 The Republic Cultural Centre (Theatre)演上了三部精彩的短剧,迈入了创造作品的第33年。

















黄城夜韵 集体照


40th IT Directors


Photo credits: Ng Chee Peng


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